Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Manners classes

Dad and Mum said I haf to go to manners classes, dis I dont know why, but we start wednesday. I greet everyone so nicely. I jump on dem and try to lick dem I am just bein friendly. Well dey did say der be oder fur babies der and dat will be fun, maybe dey will let me lick and jump on dem and maybe even beder dey will lick and jump on me, dat would be fun.

Dad has been buzy lately and we dont get to play like we used to but he tells me he is sorry and it will be over soon and den we can play more often, like we used to, I cant wait. He is taking me to de park dis saturday, dis will be so much fun I will get to wun awound and smell all de new scents I cant wait, I hope it is not wainy. Then sunday we get to go to a family weunion but none of my bwudas and sistas are goin be der but dat is ok I will get to play with all de oder people and maybe anoder fur baby or two. I dink we got plans next weekend also with moose he is my uncle sowta.

Well since dad is so busy I wont boder him to much to work on my site but I will try to sneak on and keep you guys posted.

Beasely I will leave a note for dad about dat site you wrote to me.

Ok signin off dis has been hobo


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