Friday, September 29, 2006

I am bak

My famous Hobo ears
Dad was blocking my sun I was working on my tan
Hey all its ben awhile since I got to tel u about my life so I got some catchin up to do. My second manners class was supposed to be wednesday but the weader was stormy and the teacher cancelled class. It was nice though cuz dad came home eawly and we went for a wide and den we went for a walk and dad had school work to do so he had extra time for dat. He has a lot of school work wight now.

As far as de poop thing, dad must feel beder about it cuz he is no longer smushing my poop, he just puts it in a bag, i dink dat it is funy he has to pik up my poop and i always try to leave him a fresh one when he is piking up poop in the yard.

I went to a family get to geder for mum and dad. Der was a lot of people der. Dey all dought I was cute, but I mean look at me why wouldnt dey. :) Well der was this rottie der and he was such a big puppy and when he twied to play with me I would run circles awound him, I am fast. Dad talked to his mum and he was only 11 months old and 130lbs, dad said dat is way to big especially for a 11 month old puppy. Der was also 2 labardoodles der, dey looked old and shaggy I didnt play with dem. Oh yeah and den der was one of my friends der she is an 11 year old black lab, but she was kinda cranky but we still run around and chased sticks. It was so much fun.

I got a new food dis week and I weally like it. Dad says it is made by merrick, the wilderness bwend. It is so good I dink it is my favorite of de four dad has rotated me so far.

I am not sure how dis tag game works but five things dad says makes me a good fwiend are:
1. De fact dat I always make him smile no madder how bad his day has been.
2. Dat I am always ready to play
3. My unconditional love and he loves me unconditionally too :)
4. Dad loves de fact dat ever time I see him I act like he has been gone for years even dough it has just been hours. (Psst..dont tell dad dis but I know it has just been hours but dad likes to dink that I dink it has ben years but I smarter den dat, dad couldnt stay away dat long.)
5. Dad loves de fact dat I follow him around ever where he goes even when he is mowing grass I walk behind him and go back and forth and back and forth.

ok signin off dis has been hobo

Friday, September 22, 2006

First night at manners.

Hi everybudy, I went to my first manners class and I was so egcited dat I had no idea dad and mum were der. Dere was dis cute litle bull-dog der dat I wanted to play with so bad but dad wouldnt let me :( Dad twied to twick me into doin what he says by feedin me gwilled pork chop but it didnt work bery well. I dink I made him upset but I was just so egcited I hope he isnt mad at me. I will twy to do beder dis wednesday. Dad is takin some time off work and gonna work/play with me before class, I cant wait. I want to make dad happy but it is hard with all dose doggies awound I get so egcited, but I pwomise to twy really hard dis time. I got so bored at de end I twied to get out of my collar it didnt work but I twied and finally I just plooped down and laid dere and said forget about it.

ok signin off dis has been hobo

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Twip to 24hr Vet

Hey everybudy dad and mum took me to de vet last night. I couldnt poop, I twied to show dem I was fine but dad is a wury wart and said we had to go. Well after a lot of waitin in the woom with all kinds of new smells and sounds I got bored and started makin sounds and finally this nice young lady come and got me. She took me to de back where only employees (whadeva dose are) go, I felt special. Den she took a picture of me but it wasnt me it was the inside of me (how stwange). Dey talked to dad (she said I was a good boy, dad didnt bewieve her he said dey must of had de wrong dog I didnt dink that was funny) and told him everyding should be fine, same ding I was sayin, he just doesnt listen to me. Any ways he has to go on poop patrol and watch for sumeding to pass (I will give him sumeding hehe).

Ok signin off dis has been Hobo

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Uncle Moose

Moose adopted me as a nefew, I am so happy. He does bug me sometimes cuz he tries to herd me, but it is ok I still like him. He isnt as mean or tuff as he looks he is a push over. But sometimes he is gwumpy I dink it is cuz he is old.

OK signin off dis has been hobo

Manners classes

Dad and Mum said I haf to go to manners classes, dis I dont know why, but we start wednesday. I greet everyone so nicely. I jump on dem and try to lick dem I am just bein friendly. Well dey did say der be oder fur babies der and dat will be fun, maybe dey will let me lick and jump on dem and maybe even beder dey will lick and jump on me, dat would be fun.

Dad has been buzy lately and we dont get to play like we used to but he tells me he is sorry and it will be over soon and den we can play more often, like we used to, I cant wait. He is taking me to de park dis saturday, dis will be so much fun I will get to wun awound and smell all de new scents I cant wait, I hope it is not wainy. Then sunday we get to go to a family weunion but none of my bwudas and sistas are goin be der but dat is ok I will get to play with all de oder people and maybe anoder fur baby or two. I dink we got plans next weekend also with moose he is my uncle sowta.

Well since dad is so busy I wont boder him to much to work on my site but I will try to sneak on and keep you guys posted.

Beasely I will leave a note for dad about dat site you wrote to me.

Ok signin off dis has been hobo